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Automated Payments

Automated card payments through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system provide a convenient and secure way for customers to make payments over the phone.


Benefits of Automated Card Payments via IVR

24/7 Availability

Round-the-Clock Service: IVR systems allow customers to make payments at any time, improving accessibility and convenience.


No Wait Times: Customers can complete transactions without waiting for a human representative, enhancing user experience.


Enhanced Security

PCI Compliance: IVR systems can be configured to comply with PCI DSS, ensuring that card details are handled securely.


Minimised Human Interaction: Reducing human interaction minimises the risk of data breaches and fraud.


Cost Efficiency

Reduced Operational Costs: Automating payments reduces the need for extensive customer service teams, lowering labor costs.


Scalability: IVR systems can handle high volumes of transactions without additional staffing costs.


Improved Customer Experience

Ease of Use: User-friendly interfaces guide customers through the payment process step-by-step.


Instant Confirmation: Customers receive immediate confirmation of their payments, providing reassurance and clarity


Powerful Features

All of theFeaturesYou Need...

We provide a complete omni-channel payment solution with a fully integrated payment hub to enable you to manage your payments from a single platform.

PDQ Transactions

For any face-to-face card transaction, a PDQ device is required in order to authenticate the transaction using the cardholders PIN. CardPayGo is able to supply a wide range of PDQ terminal devices.

Direct Integration

With direct integration, your website (complete with SSL certificate) payment pages capture the cardholders personal and credit card details and then forwards these behind the scenes to the secure CardPayGo Payment Gateway.

Hosted Form

In order to make the Hosted Form process a little more seamless for the cardholder, we are able to fully customise the payment page. Either the merchant can supply us with full CSS design or we can simply apply a customised header and footer with your company logo to the page

Payment Modules

To help our merchants integrate with our Payment Gateway we have taken the time to create plugins for various systems, these are provided as is under a GPL licence.

Fraud Management

Customisable fraud management tools that provide the Merchant with the ability to dictate the levels to which the Merchant’s account will automatically check transaction authenticity.

Mobile Apps

With mobile technology and applications becoming more popular and part of everyday commerce, CardPayGo have embraced m-commerce and have the ability to process payments across these devices

Global Payment

We provide global payment solutions to over 128 countries. Our payment support teams have local knowledge on how to get the best out of your ecommerce strategy helping you to increase your sales.

24/7 Customer Service

The BestCustomer SupportAlways Ready to assist...

Our Business Support Team are on hand all year round, everyday to assist our merchants with technical support to ensure you are always one step ahead…

We will usually need some details about the business and the owners. 

Once your account is  approved we will provide a dedicated Business Support Assistant to get you set up.

We have a team of technical experts that will be able to resolve any support requirements promptly.